March 31st, 2024

DMV Obtains Dismissal of MIOSHA Serious Violations Against G2 Erectors, Inc.

Frank Deasey recently tried a case before a Michigan Administrative Law Judge seeking dismissal of three serious violations against the firm’s client, G2 Erectors.  The violations arose out of the death of one of G2 Erectors’ employees while their crane was being assembled at the construction site.  During the assembly process, the crane tipped over, crushing the employee.  MIOSHA’s attorneys argued that G2 Erectors was responsible for subterranean ground conditions which, in their opinion, caused the crane tip over.  Frank Deasey successfully argued that subterranean ground conditions are the responsibility of the general contractor and not the crane operator.  In a 41 page Opinion, the ALJ completely exonerated G2 Erectors and dismissed the three serious violations.  Further information concerning this Opinion can be obtained by contacting Frank Deasey @