Social Services and Human Services Claims

Social Services and Human Services Claims

The firm’s team, led by partners Frank Deasey and Matthew Junk, routinely represents non-profit and for-profit organizations and institutions in the defense of abuse, neglect, wrongful death, trafficking, rape and molestation claims in the tristate area.

Our firm is retained to defend various types of social and human services organizations, ranging from foster care agencies, Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA), churches, religious orders, schools, day care centers, early education programs, colleges and universities, hospitals, summer camps, mental health providers (both inpatient and outpatient programs), residential treatment facilities, juvenile residential facilities and organizations serving disabled persons.

Frequently, our team is retained to defend claims against these organizations and institutions arising out of alleged sexual, mental and physical abuse, neglect, drug overdose, personal injury and wrongful death. Our team has extensive knowledge of the regulations and statutes which govern the operation of these organizations and institutions, along with state and city Department of Human Services regulations and guidelines. Additionally, our team has extensive knowledge of the Child Protective Services Law and the Foster Family Care Agency Act.

Find out today how our firm can assist your non-profit or for-profit institution in an array of social services matters.

Further, the team routinely handles matters and issues involving confidentiality and privacy regulations, including but not limited to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Mental Health Procedures Act, and other related statutes and regulations pertaining to such issues. In addition, Mr. Deasey regularly counsels licensed providers in complying with these statutes and regulations when responding to subpoenas or when asked to testify on behalf of patients.  He also routinely represents licensed professionals in state board investigations.

Overall, our team understands the complex legal issues that our clients face and the devotion they have to in providing the best services possible to their own clients. We strive to assist our clients in protecting and advancing these important objectives.

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